We provide Security Services which includes guarding, Body Guards & House Keeping etc... for Industries, Banks, Retail outlets, Residential Colony's Hotels & Institutions. Our expertise lies in. .

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Industrial SecurityIndustries face a growing menace in the form of Industrial Security arising from theft, espionage, intrusion, sabotage, robbery, accidental damage, fire hazards and violent IR problems. Technology has made the menace even more dangerous & this has not escaped our attention.

To provide for a well–veiled security net, BCSS has adopted a combination of human intelligence cum skills & systems integration, a perfect industrial safety recipe.

Mere technique gadgets usage does not end this menace, it has to be operated by smart trained personnel well supplemented by access control, vehicle control, inspection, screening of visitors, vendors, patrolling, site management, maintenance etc. To fine tune the work better, trained Fire and Dog squads are also available.

Our expertise & safety protection ratio has been admirable and we feel proud to offer protection armour to cement industries, engineering industries, steel plants, chemical plants, mines, textile mills, sugar industries, paper mills etc.

For the best of Industrial security, your best ally remains our excellent protection squads.


Every Corporate office requires its own security needs and plans, whether you require a strong security presence or a discreet security cover, we offer a package that is unique and best suited to your business.

Our Corporate Security Guards are trained to guard your premises round the clock, with constant support from an area control room the curriculum covers access control, alarm setting and response to alarms, fire prevention & first aid, patrolling, monitoring through CCTV etc.

A well–structured training program comprising customer handling and tackling sudden & potential threats such as explosives, has made our corporate security among best of the lot.

Smile your way into their hearts is the theme, security staff have to behave smartly & be sharp with a captivating smile to clean bowl customer’s hearts.

They are trained for handling front office with basics computer skills.

Trained to act & fulfill their duty, our personnel are trained to guard your premises round the clock, with constant support from an area control room; the curriculum covers:

Access control
Alarm setting & response to alarms
Fire prevention & first aid
Patrolling, monitoring through CCTV etc.
They are trained to tackle reception desk, EPBX operations, and lift and generator operations.


The days of casual bank security norms is well behind us, growing customer sophistication, high technology & intense global competition has brought about a kind of change that is unbelievable. Customer–service and focus has been the force of change which pinpoints the quality of bank service. What’s resulted, banks have become more customer–friendly.

Our security personnel are trained in all aspects to offer a winning smile every moment & backed by perfect manners & etiquette, they are your best routes to enter new hearts & retain old hearts.

Right from ATM Machine guarding, to escort cash in transit from branches and zonal offices our guards are trained to handled all types of Bank Security. Both Armed and Un-Armed Guards are available for deployment at the banks.


Hotel Security is a growing business, scores of hotels across the world demand security of the best kind. Being a area with magnetic lure that’s seductive, security guards should be extra smart & swift to handle a security hazard before it spirals out of bound.

It’s kind of peculiar, since both guests & staff are likely suspects, that bit of extra care needs to be taken.

The security staff is imparted training to tackle smart criminals.

Hotel guests stroll in and out and more often their security remains a growing concern. With our guards in place, they can continue to do so with even better ease, with less security threads.

A training structure that teaches etiquette, ease of contact with customers & tackle sudden & potential threats & explosives has enabled the growth of excellent & smart security guards. They are specially oriented to tackle smart criminals & sophisticated guests. That’s something attractive & they make security an attractive addition by our numerous hotel clients.

Hotel guests stroll in & out & more often their security remains a growing peril. With our guards in place, they can continue to do so with even better ease, with less security threats over their heads.


Student Life is an unforgettable time in one’s life. Studying and having fun are the main driving forces. To understand and control students require good expertise. Our security personnel are trained to understand student mentality and see to that an institutional has a conducive and trouble free atmosphere. Trouble makers are always present during presentations, farewells, seminars, functions and our security personnel are well trained to tackle such situations.


This is another niche area where the competence of BCSS has been proved effectively. Retails security requires a watchful yet discrete eye on both the Visitors/Customers and the employees who could be potential shop–lifters.

Our personnel are specially trained to understand the specific requirements of the retail outlets and the buyers psychology to anticipate and pro-actively address any trouble makers effectively. With a fantastic clientele in this segment, BCSS is now able to offer customized security solutions.


Troubleshooters find events an attractive arena to create chaos. Potential problems range from minor misbehaving to mass destruction. To create problems galore at events ensures criminals publicity and generates mass hysteria. It’s one of the biggest security threats.

Handling a large crowd in a limited time frame and area is a tough job and requires specialized training and expertise.

We provide security guards that are trained in just about all security hazards such as:

Event Security
Frisking guests & premises
Keeping an eagle eye on potential explosive threats & trouble–shooters
Dealing with care with VIPs & celebrities
Operation of metal and explosive detection equipment
Ensuring smooth parking
Carrying out security activities in a way without disrupting the event


Cash Management ServiceIn spite of the plastic moner trend, the popularity of cash through ATMs is on the rise. As a result, the number of ATMs has shot sharply and is set to grow further. The safe transportation of cash and valuable and the constant availability of cash at commercial banks financial institutions are also of utmost importance.

Keeping of the mind these needs and the demand for safe and reliable transportation BCSS specially trains guards and on demand cash transfers. These trucks are equipped with state–of–art safety systems, like electronic alarms, in-built locking system, fire safety equipment and other scientific and technical protection mechanism. Many Banks, Jewelers, Shop owners and corporates can use this service.


It covers housing colonies, apartments, villas & such other home nests, a growing security danger. It’s a tough & demanding task, one that demands security of the best available kind.

BCSS is known for its imaginative and creative approach to residential security. To ensure effective security, we concentrate on the perimeter of the colony and prevent infiltration of unwanted elements. All incoming traffic of automobiles and individuals is strictly controlled and closely monitored.

Plus, our men are trained in fire fighting and have the knowledge of first aid that allows them to react quickly and deftly in case of any unforeseen crisis. The result is a long–standing association with a whole list of residential colonies.

Conduct body & baggage search
Check up of automobiles
Oversee danger signals at vulnerable points
Use of refined gadgets
Polite talk assimilation
A friend in need appeals that touches human hearts

Gardening Staff, Cleaning Staff, Scavengers
House keeping services for Corporate office, office campus, Industries, IT Industries, Institutes and commercial Complex by Latest Methods and well trained. Housekeeping Technical Persons with pleasant Working Environment.
Professional cleaning Service and related maintenance services by latest methods in the premises.
Security Guard PSARA
210 Hrs (120+90)
Ex-SM/Ex-Policemen PSARA
56Hrs./7 working days
Security Supervisor-PSARA
210 Hrs (120+90)
Security Supervisor (Ex-SM/ Ex-policemen) - PSARA
15 working days
Personal Security Officer - PSO
10 working days
Security Awareness, Fire Fighting
& First-Aid
One week
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